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Elliott/El, 19, he/him. Aesthetic creation blog (mostly animal crossing and... animals) full of art, edits and photography. Bigots DNI

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Just something to get started...

(photo ref used)

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Hiya there! I'm Cel!! Waterfall looks pretty cool I'm here to vibe and maybe occasionally post some art! <3

Here's a funky little cityscape I drew a few weeks ago.

The Moon Rose

fullbody commission

New postcard designs! Please reblog!

Heyo! if you don't know about my postcard fundraiser, here's the lowdown:

I'm selling postcards to help my older brother get through his last semester at med school. So far we've collected $1000 out of $5000 dollars needed.

Any help will be appreciated, here's the gofundme link if you want to check it out for yourself. Otherwise I am selling everything I can to help out, this includes knitted hats and postcards (for now).

Each postcard is $2, and can be mailed to the address of your choosing, all proceeds go to this fundraiser. Animal Crossing themed postcards that cover this current upcoming spooky holiday and some for the rest of the year! Venmo/Paypal preferred, proof of shipment will be provided.

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it has been awhile since I have drawn a jellyfish

Cringetober day 1 and 2: heterochromia and animal ears!

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my favorite villager!!

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x3 -

2 ov them

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weird painting experiment

Piece for my illustration class!

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astr0 -

warm up sketch based on this photo

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but she's human

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Six Fanarts

Saw this in my art folder and thought I may as well share it here.

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some friends

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(Ode to #beanboy)

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i think i forgot to upload this here after i submitted the attack but uh

here's skitters for @star-rice

Xatu Colour Palette Challenge

Hey look I did something crative for the first time in forever