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Heima Clothing Collection #1: Pastel Block Collection

After a year of experimenting with clothes design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on the game's first anniversary I am proud to present my first collection!

Though I originally set out to release custom design codes separately, I noticed several of the shirts followed a similar theme, and so decided to make a full set of clothes that I could release at once.

This has been my first proper attempt at making clothing designs in Animal Crossing, since I only played New Leaf from June 2019 to March 2020, and only made a path and a few long-sleeved shirts to feel out the technology of it.

My creator code is MA-7345-5358-7215 for anyone who wants to download multiple items or cannot read the image clearly. There's some other stuff uploaded too that may get taken down temporarily as I edit or assign them to collections, but everything shown in this post is here to stay. Enjoy!

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A Year on Heima

Heima has been in development for almost a year now. Since December, the island has hosted many events, including Toy Day, New Year, and Festivale.

On top of these celebrations, several islander's birthdays have also come and gone.

In usual news, the town is still undergoing development.

What is new, however, are some updated design options, which are going to be useful as Heima goes into its second stage of development.

The 'second stage of development', after a year since Heima's grand opening, is full decoration of the island. We've recently developed the ability to expand communication to other islands, and I've been enjoying visiting many of them (even if some of them are a little strange).

Recently, I've been having many dreams about transversing a plethora of zen, sakura and overgrown forest islands teeming with detail and charm, and so this is what Heima aims to develop into within the next few months. Luckily we're able to fund it...

Four villagers have already made the decision to live on Heima in the long-term, which is great news! Though of course, that means a similar amount of villagers have been moving in and out on a journey to find their dream home.

Finally, on the anniversary of Heima's opening I will be releasing a small clothing collection to the world! I'm excited to see what people think of it. One of the items is already present in some of these photographs I've taken... ;)

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9 months on Heima

It's been a while! I haven't done an update since the summer, so I have a fair amount to share.

The island is still undergoing rapid construction, with upgrades to bridges, inclines and decoration with areas. Progress may have been slow, but we're back on track now.

Across the months, there have been many new visitors to the island - most notably Gullivarrr, Luna and Pascal, who all bring some interesting items and features to us.

As well as this, we've also had some seasonal events, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Robin's birthday!

Nook has also given me the option to upgrade my storage, as over these last few months I've accumulated many items from the influx of visitors and new crafting recipes.

Of course, over the past few months several neighbours have left us. Though I have many good memories with them, their departure allowed for many new friends to join us on Heima!

Though I've been working on a lot of decorative aspects of the island, I've also been taking the time to enjoy it's current state, as well as hang out with the other residents more. I hope once Heima becomes more develop I can do this more often.

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Several months on Heima

(heads up, sorry about the exceptionally poor quality for precisely all but one of the photos in this post. I thought I'd skip a step in arranging them but it seems I need to do it the hard way after all)

It's been a while! Last month I was busy directing a photoshoot for a couple who were at Harv's Island for some wedding anniversary pictures, which is nearby to Heima.

One of them is very talented in furniture crafts, and built a lot for their set, giving me the creative license to arrange it all for them. They also allowed the residents of Heima to come over and join us for their wedding parties, which was fun!

Other than that, I've mostly been hanging around the island and enjoying the summer sunshine. There are a lot of new bugs and fish out this season, and I've also heard that Nook Inc. and the store will be providing equipment for swimming, which means there will be even more creatures to find out at sea.

Finally, Heima bid farewell to two of our longtime residents, Iggly and Bertha. In their place we welcome Pekoe and Pinky, the former of which had been living in my old town, Nirvana, before I took up my post as mayor there! I'm disappointed we only crossed paths again until after our joint birthdays, but there's always time next year.

Hoping to share some updates on the sea life and island construction next time - we're currently revamping our natural-looking infrastructure into something more fitting for an island as developed as ours. Stay tuned!

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Two (and a half) months on Heima

I apologise, this is very long overdue (over two weeks late), I've been very busy!

First of all, I've been experimenting a little more with the camera app on my phone, and it's been fun taking pictures with both the wildlife and other residents on the island. I hope I can take some nice photos of them and myself when my clothing collection is finally complete.

Next up, I participated in the Stamp Rally for International Museum Day. Although some of the exhibits were a little... concerning, I learnt a lot, and Blathers rewarded me with lots of plaques for competing my stamp cards each day. I definitely have a new appreciation for our museum now.

In other good news, I finally paid off my last loan to Nook Inc.! It took a lot of work, and I relied a lot on investments into the Stalk Market to make the money for it, but I eventually paid for all of my home expansions after a few months. Tom Nook was so impressed that he offered me a special reward for the rest of my time on Heima, which I'm very grateful for.

Unfortunately, we did say goodbye to Broccolo recently. He had been a resident of Heima for a very long time, and so I understand that he needed to move on now. Luckily, the resident who has taken his plot, Zucker, seems very happy here so far, and I enjoy making new memories with him!

Note: The following events may not have been witnessed by the majority of players.

Finally, I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago! A few friends on the island were kind enough to throw a party for me and present me with gifts, and I also got acknowledgement from staff and other visitors to Heima, with K.K. Slider giving me a unique performance! For my own personal celebration I bought myself my first ever TV, which is now hanging above my fireplace in my now loan-free home.

I hope soon to show off some clothing, my interior of my home once more and some special pictures I'm working on.

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Six weeks in Heima

Summer is slowly creeping upon us, and lots of exciting things have been happening this week which add to this excitement.

A strange animal has been visiting the island this week selling art and other interesting furniture on his boat. He drives a hard price, but he delivers (most of the time), and so I'm pretty happy with his offerings.

Especially because the possession of the art he sold meant we could expand the museum! There is now a beautiful art section on the second story of the building that is dedicated to both paintings and statues. I wanted to capture the animal who provides this service as part of the celebration, but he seems keen on keeping a low profile, and so I have decided to respect that by not giving away his name or appearance.

Speaking of the museum and new exhibits, now that April has quickly transitioned into May the weather is beginning to accommodate more new species on Heima. Thus, a few more fish and bugs have been collected and donated to the museum. I find the way this frog sits on the lilypad to be quite amusing!

Of course, with everything moving so fast, the rate of islanders coming and going has also been high. Unfortunately we said goodbye to both Nibbles and Kidd this week, the latter of which was one of my closest friends on Heima. I was a little upset when he announced his move, but I know he is destined for great things, and Nibbles claims to be going down a similar route, and so I sent them both off happily.

Finally, we celebrated May Day today with a special excursion to an island with a maze on it! When I finally completed it, I ran into an older-looking cat who seemed well-travelled. He congratulated me on finishing the maze after him and was kind enough to give me his suitcase to commemorate my sense of adventure as alike to his own. I hope to see him again some time!

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Week 5 in Heima

Now that it's been over a month since development began on Heima, life seems pretty normalised and there isn't much to report on.

Recently we had a camper, Savannah, visit the island, and she was so enthusiastic about her stay that she decided to move in! Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for her, but Cherry sped up her moving plans to accommodate our new resident. Savannah appeared to have doubts as one day after moving in she told me she was thinking of leaving again, but I convinced her to stay for a while as I didn't think she'd seen enough to make a judgement yet.

We also had a new merchant by the name of Leif visit today! He's a gardener and was kind enough to sell us some non-native plants, including flowers and bushes, so that they could be appreciated on Heima as well as everywhere else.

Furthermore, Blathers has announced that he's planning to expand the museum to include art! I'm very excited as a designer myself to have such work displayed in the museum, though I'm not quite sure how we'll be able to get artwork worthy of that sort of thing on a previously deserted island... maybe it's time to venture afield?

Finally, I managed to pay off one of my last loans and Tom Nook was able to build a basement for me! He said this was the last room that he could possibly give me in terms of space for expansion, so I've been reorganising my home once more as well as my clothing outfits.

On that note, I did get to designing some clothes but did not get as far as I'd hoped due to personal distractions. I hope to display my creations along with my revamped home to you next week!

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A month on Heima

Updates are less frequent now as its been rather uneventful on the island, which is a little ironic. Unfortunately I was very busy last Saturday and didn't get to see much of the fishing tourney, but I was glad to see CJ had used his influence to make an island-wide event that everyone could enjoy! He said he'd come back in the summer, so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy his event then. There was also a short cherry blossom season. I got some cute recipes that definitely match my creative style, but I can't help but think that I could have gotten inspiration for more if I had a little extra time to look at the cherry blossom trees and petals in season.

However, I was able to help Zipper collect as many eggs as I could find and craft them into all the special items we could think of! I was also able to get some more construction in, and although I haven't made a record of it yet, I'm upgrading the dirt paths to brick ones like on the boardwalk.

One of the biggest projects of the past two weeks has been expanding and decorating my home! Currently I have a living room, plants and pets room, music room, walk-in wardrobe and bedroom. This was my first basic draft, although I ended up decorating a lot more and rearranging stuff after looking through my storage once more.

Therefore, this is my first official house draft, with a little more cluttered look than before and taken from a different angle to capture other areas that weren't seen in the original pictures taken the day before. This is mostly because I'm hoping to get a basement eventually that will act as a games room, but for now my favourite items suited to this are in my bedroom. I'm constantly toying between a traditional zen style and whatever I feel would naturally be in my home, but I'm confident I can find a mix between the two eventually.

That was my update for the last two weeks! I hope to next report my clothing and, possibly, paving designs as well as sort out my villagers home locations, which have been a big struggle with the space the neighbourhood was allocated. See you soon!

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Another (human) week on Heima

Life on the island has become a lot busier now. I've been hanging out with the other islanders both at their houses and during concerts as well as around Heima.

K.K. Slider's concert was so memorising that I even forgot to capture the occasion! So we're very lucky that he's agreed to play us some songs every Saturday.

I've also been appreciating the wildlife of the island, whether that's out in the open or in the museum, where the local wildlife and fossils are displayed for all to see. It was pretty empty when it was first constructed, but now a new season has begun lots more species are beginning to make the island their habitats for now.

I was shocked when I saw that the Nook twins running the general store were buying turnips for over 500 bells each! I was lucky enough to have bought 300 turnips from Daisy Mae for a much cheaper price the week before, but I can't help but dream about how much more money I could have made if I had invested more bells into buying them...

As quickly as islanders moved to Heima, a couple of residents, Bangle and Aurora, have decided to move away from it. However, it seems like they enjoyed their time on the island, so I can only hope that they enjoy their new lives elsewhere and welcome our next neighbours onto Heima in their places.

(The following content may contain features that other resident representatives have not yet experienced.)

Island construction has also been going along speedily. As resident representative I have a vision for the island that has so far taken a lot more work...

... and a lot more bridges and inclines. Nonetheless, I am persevering, and most of the work to help other islanders access all areas of the island is now complete.

Finally, the newly-constructed shopping boardwalk has gained a new clothes shop as well as an upgrade to the general furniture store! I've already forked out a lot of bells on some of their premium products. Hopefully I still have enough left to pay off my loan next week...

I'm still working hard on decorating my home to the best of my ability as it stands as well as formulating my wardrobe, which has so far taken up an entire room after filling my storage to the brim! Hoping I will be able to truly focus on that in the next week as construction projects are looking as if they will now slow down. See you then!

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A (human) week on Heima

On 20/03/20, I moved from my town, Nirvana, to a deserted island we decided to name Heima.

I set up mine, Cherry and Iggly's tents and a DIY workbench (we have to build everything from scratch) and took a commemorative photo to mark my first day. I look a little shaggy, but I didn't bring much with me, so forgive my appearance.

Luckily I managed to clean up pretty quickly. This is an older version of my passport, but is still reasonably up to date.

The island is beautiful. Even the islanders' homes look wonderful, as well as the islands we can tour to, and, of course, the museum. I'm very happy about the goldfish exhibit, but was disappointed to find that within my own home I have to keep them in opaque (though ornate) bowls. I would much rather be able to group them together in an aquarium I can see them in.

The other islanders have been teaching me to communicate a little better with them through facial expressions as my animalese isn't perfect. I've had fun practicing what I've learnt as I help to develop the island.

I've had some rather odd experiences so far. I once travelled to an island where all the rocks were stocked with bells, which I had to move ANOTHER rock with bells in it to access.

I also visited Cherry's house one time as the lights were on and door was unlocked, but she wasn't there! Perhaps this is the work of a ghost I've seen on the cliffs before..?

(Note: the next pictures are up to two weeks ahead of real time, and so contain buildings that may not have been experienced by others yet.)

Progress on the island's infrastructure has been going really well. We've had a couple of retailers stop by, and some even set up permanent shops! One of the retailers visiting was selling some denim overalls that I absolutely adore. I've worn it for so long that the other islanders have started to wonder if I'm ever going to take it off. (I'm not.)

We also got ourselves a proper residential building with new staff, a town flag, a couple of bridges to access new areas of the island we hadn't been able to before...

... And a lot of ramps for the areas that the animals couldn't access due to their inability to use ladders.

I wasn't lucky enough to capture the occasion, but apparently our island is so great now that K.K Slider heard of its charm and came to play a special song for us! He visits regularly now. I'd better start paying off my loans faster so I can play more than three songs in my home - one for each room. I wish he'd consider moving in, but the island is so popular now that Nook can't permit any more house plots. That's ok though, I hear K.K. is a permanent traveller anyways.

Heima has been great fun to live on so far, and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on it. My plans for next week are to do some more work on my house and garden (which I'm not quite ready to show others yet) as well as the layout of the shopping district and neighbourhood. I'm also customising some clothing and a new case for my NookPhone. I also want to move my pets and plants into their own room to provide a better environment for them.